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Shop at Your Dollar Store for Amazing Deals

Many people seem to think that dollar stores sell cheap stuff… well they do – but that’s just the price – not the value! Like many other discount stores, dollar stores such as 99 Cent Store, Dollar General, Dollar Tree and others have major closeouts on major brands! The main purpose of dollar stores is to buy out surplus inventories from major retail stores at a discount – they buy what the big stores don’t sell enough of & the surplus needs to be eliminated before the expiration date or seasonal change. This is where the dollar stores come in & where you can stock up big time.  While dollar stores carry many staples of regular products that everyone uses -they also get blowouts from major supermarket chains that want to get rid of product quick, and thereby minimizing their losses.  Dollar stores are not as most people consider “cheap places to shop”… they are in fact “smart places to shop”.

Everything For $1 – But Be Cautious!

The majority of items sold at dollar stores are a great bargain… everything is only $1 or less! In time, you will realize what’s a great deal for only $1 – but you have to be cautious – because some items sold at $1 are not necessarily a great deal. For example, canned foods for $1.00 may seem like a great deal, but if you find a coupon in your Sunday newspaper insert for canned goods, chances are you’ll get a better deal when the item comes on sale at your local supermarket – especially if they double coupons or bring the value up to $1.00.  For example, recently the 99 Cent Only Store carried Crystal Geyser mineral water for $.99 each… but most supermarkets at that time carried the same item for only $.59 – $.79 each on a special promotion.  Add the coupon which was offered in the Sunday newspaper, and you end up paying far less than if you purchased the item at the 99 Cent Only Store.

Here’s What We Love About Dollar Stores

Standard items (most of which are name brand) which we believe are great values at the dollar stores include cleaning supplies, fruits and vegetables, cookie dough, bread loaves, a dozen eggs, seasonal decorations, greeting cards, food storage containers and baggies, paper products, coloring books, toys, toiletries and clothes, among others.  Always be on the lookout for the special acquisitions at the dollar stores – many times you’ll find name brand cosmetics, coffee, teas, pastas, etc.


Birthday Party Supplies and Gift Bags

Your local dollar store carries tons of supplies for birthday parties – you can get virtually all of your decorations, disposable dining supplies, party favors and more from them!  Some schools have gift exchanges on holidays where you bring items for the other classmates in exchange for what they give you.  At your dollar store, you can purchase the following example items for only $1!

  • 1 Package of 12 decorative gift bags
  • 1 Pack of 12 pencils
  • 1 Pack of 12 erasers
  • 1 Pack of 6 toys
  • 1 Bag of candies (12 – 24+ count)
  • 1 6-pack of Socks
  • Various hair clips (for girls) and much, much more!


We love the idea of decorating your house with items which cost only $1 or less – especially if you have little kids who tend to play with and ultimately destroy some of the decorations.  At only $1 you’re far less likely to be upset over a broken trinket!  While it’s always fun to buy something new each year to add to your decor, keep in mind that once the holiday has passed, the stores need to get rid of the seasonal products, and therefore blow them out at 1/2 off or more!  I typically head over to my nearby dollar stores just after each holiday and purchase a few items which I excitedly uncover from storage the following year. For those that love to impress guests with their holiday table featuring new décor and trinkets, you dollar store is the perfect place for you!

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