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As long as I can remember, I savored a great deal – whether it was shopping for clothes, accessories, groceries, home goods, magazines, travel discounts, entertainment deals, getting discounts at restaurants, or even signing up for free samples in the mail. I love collecting coupons and using them at the supermarket, while watching the original purchase total decrease with every coupon I hand to the store clerk. The greatest satisfaction for me is the bottom line savings that prints out on the grocery receipt – sometimes saving up to 90%! While we all try to survive in this unpredictable economy, there isn’t a better time than the present to share some of my secrets and extend these super saving techniques to those willing to learn how to spend and save wisely, regardless of your current financial situation. Follow FrugallyDelish to keep up to date on all sorts of sales, deals, free samples, restaurant coupons and more! Put a stop to those impulse purchases and learn to plan ahead and save big!

Thanks to years of research and smart shopping techniques, I am able to share my search for savings to you! Now more than ever is the perfect time to implement a great shopping strategy so that everyone can Live Rich and Spend Poor!

I LOVE great bargains and always am extremely excited to come home with bags and bags of groceries which I hardly spent any money on. I often buy in bulk, and still do if the price is right. My strategy is to seek out supermarkets that have blow out prices on select items, which are typically staples around the outer perimeter of the store – fruits, vegetables, and meats – and make sure to always stick to purchasing the sale items, especially if I have a coupon for such item. I’ve learned that most supermarkets offer fabulous deals on items to lure the customer in the store, hoping they will spend money on regularly priced items whereby they cash in their big profits. Saving money on everyday items means I can free up extra cash to use towards exciting activities with my daughters, so they can learn and experience all that life has to offer. Again, no matter what your situation is, it’s better to keep your hard earned money in your pocket rather than theirs.

I’m excited to share my journey of savings with you and look forward to hearing how FrugallyDelish made a significant difference in your lives.


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