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RID LiceRID Complete Lice Elimination 3 Item Kit

With school in full swing, you need to be prepared for the dreaded call or note that head lice were found in your child’s class!  Don’t panic and spend hundreds of dollars at a specialty salon to get rid of the problem – stock up now and get your Lice Elimination Kit while it’s on sale!

Regularly priced at $33.54, you can save over 46% by paying only $17.97 when you purchase today while supplies last!  Also, get FREE Shipping on orders over $35!

•Unique 3 Step Lice Eliminating System in 1 Box
•Step 1 – Lice Killing Shampoo Treatment
•Step 2 – Lice & Egg Comb Out Gel (Including Comb)
•Step 3 – Home Lice Control Spray
•America’s #1 Lice Killing Brand

Prices on Amazon can change at any time.  Please verify price before ordering.  Click here to shop and save today!

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