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Free eBook: Flowers have many uses. Guys use them to apologize. Girls use them to decorate. They add color and fragrance to any room. Flowers, like diamonds, can be considered a girl’s best friend. With this free eBook, 17 Flower Craft Ideas: How to Make Paper Flowers, Easy Fabric Flowers and More, you’ll be able to create flowers that will last you forever. There are flowers you can wear as well as ones to decorate your house with. Plus, these flower crafts won’t wilt and die on you, and there is no need to water them. You don’t have to wait for spring or for your husband to buy you flowers to enjoy their beauty. These projects and patterns let you create your own flowers. Let them bloom in your hands. You’ll love all the different techniques to create flowers in this awesome eBook. These crafts are perfect for a variety of different situations: Mother’s Day, a friend’s birthday, Easter…the list goes on. Get creative with making these fabric and paper flowers. Click here to snag your freebie today!

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