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Moringa, from the Moringa Tree in the tropics, has been identified as “the vegetable with the highest nutritional value among 120 types of food species.” What else is so special about Moringa? It gives you all day energy and mental clarity without caffeine and contains no fillers! The Moringa powder needs to be packaged in an oxygen free, light blocking package. Green Virgin Products has that totally right. Theirs is packed in a foil package, with an oxygen absorber directly in the package, and the package double seals. Also, their Moringa Powders test better than any other – and with their packages straight off the shelves; not with specially prepared packages for the inspectors. 
“The Moringa plant provides a rich and rare combination of zeatin, quercetin, beta-sitosterol, caffeoylquinic acid and kaempferol. In addition to its compelling water purifying powers and high nutritional value, Moringa Oleifera is very important for its medicinal value. The leaves act as cardiac and circulatory stimulants, possess antitumor, antipyretic (ability to reduce fevers), antiepileptic, anti-inflammatory, antiulcer, antispasmodic, diuretic, antihypertensive, cholesterol lowering, antioxidant, anti-diabetic, hepatoprotective (ability to prevent damage to the liver), antibacterial and antifungal activities.” From PubMed.gov

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Green Virgin Products is graciously giving away a package of Moringa Ultimate Powder for a lucky TSOS reader. Open to US residents only age 18 and older.

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