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soap nuts

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I have been wanting to try Soap Nuts for some time now. Imagine a soap nut that grows on trees?! No chemicals, nothing toxic, totally organic, good for the environment and safe for my children. All of Green Virgin Products soap nuts come with a 30 day money back warrantee. Soap nuts are the fruit of the Chinese Soap Berry Tree which are harvested and then dried in the sun. The soap nut contains a natural soap called Saponin which has cleaning abilities equal to toxic chemicals. Hypo-allergenic which is quite important for our family and all our varied allergies.

My entire family has been sick for the last week and the laundry piled and piled up. The last thing I wanted to do while my family recovers is wash clothes with chemical cleaners. They are very easy to use – simply place 3 to 5 whole soap nuts in the included drawstring wash bag and toss it into the washer with your clothes. Don’t use any detergent, fabric softener or dryer sheets. The 1 Kilo bag includes 3 draw string wash bags. The 500 Gram bag includes 2 wash bags. And the 250 Gram bag includes 1 wash bag. Even after shipping almost all of your soap nuts will be whole when you receive them.

You should break them in half before you put them in the draw string wash bag so water can circulate freely through the inside of the shell so they can release their saponin easier. Soap nuts work equally well in top loaders or HE front loaders. We have both and I tried them in both – worked great. With a top loader, expect about 4-6 wash loads using the same soap nuts. With a front loader HE machine you can expect about 7-9 wash loads.

The best way to tell if your soap nuts are used up is to put your used soap nuts in a jar with a lid with a few ounces of water and shake them up. If you get suds, you can get another load out of them. Pour the sudsy water in the washer and put the soap nuts back in the wash bag and toss them in for another load. The hardness of water has an effect on all cleaning products. Water hardness and other factors are different all across the country. So start with our recommendations and then experiment. Try using fewer soap nuts, then more and see what works best in your area. Even if you get it wrong they still work great. Our water is not hard or soft – it is pretty normal. I did 5 loads today in our top loading machine and the nuts seem to still be fine. Your clothes will come out smelling amazingly fresh like you hung them outside on a clear spring day. Plus, your clothes will be softer and more absorbent than ever, which is amazing because you never use fabric softener or dryer sheets with Soap Nuts.

I cannot imagine using chemical based products when there are safe, non toxic products available, that work as well for less money. Another consideration for my family is always portability. Since we camp from April through October it is important that I have laundry cleaning supplies that are light, take up minimal space and work well for clothes that are sometimes smelly with campfire odors etc… I have asthma and my kids have other issues – avoiding chemicals in our laundry is very important to me. And dryer sheets are just as bad for everyone. The only thing I use dryer sheets for is to keep the mice away from the camper when it is closed up for the winter. 330 loads worth of soap nuts is only $27.95!

For the more stubborn laundry and smells there is a soap nut liquid with a pump top that dispenses just the right amount of soap to meet your needs. Then there is also a prespotter which has amazing stain removal abilities.

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