25 Foot Expandable Flexible Water Garden Hose Only $7.99!! HOT!

25 ft expandable hose25-Ft Expandable Flexible Water Garden Hose with Rear Trigger Nozzle and Weather Resistant Design – Automatically Expands Up to 3X Its Size! Regularly priced at $49.99, you can snag this amazing hot item deal for only $7.99!!

The Hose is the incredible expanding hose that automatically expands up to 3 times its length while giving you up to a 3/4 inch diameter powerful high-flow spray. Simply turn the water on and watch the Hose grow. The hose expands in length and diameter as the water pressure creates the resistance within the body of the hose. Turn the water off and the Hose contracts to its original length. No more struggling with heavy hoses – Hose has a light and kink-free design that weighs less than two pounds! With this flexible hose, there is no need to lug around heavy garden hoses. No more untangling garden hoses and finding adequate storage. No more locating kinks that stop the water flow as with standard garden hoses. This expandable hose is easy to store and fits in compact storage locations, such as a small container or box. The expandable hose is also extremely durable. You’ll be truly amazed at how much easier the expanding garden hose makes your work around the house and yard. Along with this revolutionary product, you’ll also receive a bonus water sprayer attachment and valve. It’s everything you need in one box! Click here to shop and save today!

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