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Cool off from the summer heat with $1 ice cream cones every day at The Habit Burger Grill!  Here’s the announcement on the Facebook page.

Family Meals $25 to Feed 4

Feed a group of 4 for just $25 with the Family Char Meal from The Habit Burger Grill!  Here’s the new promo posted on The Habit’s homepage.  Get 4 Charburgers with cheese, 4 fries, and 1 Garden Entree Salad.

Or, try the $30 Variety Meal to feed 4.  Get 2 Charburgers with Cheese, 2 Chargrilled Chicken Sandwiches, 2 Golden Fries, 2 Crispy Onion Rings and 1 Entree sized Garden Salad.

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