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Curious on how to stretch your money for food deals? We have some great suggestions and tips for you!!

  • Grate a block of cheese instead of buying shredded.
  • Buy cans of frozen juice instead of juice in cartons.
  • Get a group to go in on a warehouse membership and split the fee!
  • Buy only as much as you can use before spoilage occurs.
  • Select lower-priced cuts of beef that can be tenderized, marinated or cooked in a crock pot.
  • Pack a lunch with reusable containers.
  • Look for coupons or deals in your Sunday paper and from individual stores.  Use coupons on items you normally purchase.
  • Check your favorites manufacturers, online and on Facebook for coupons and savings.
  • Buy generic drugs or 90 day supplies through the mail

And most important, follow FrugallyDelish for super savings, discounts, freebies & more! Check back with us often – especially before you dine out or order anything online, so you can get a coupon & save!

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