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This FREE eCookbook, Easy Tater Tot Casserole Recipes: 12 Ways, is filled with amazing casseroles that all feature a family favorite ingredient: tater tots. These amazing meals are sure to help you throughout your busy week and will be great to have on hand on the weekends. Casseroles don’t get much better than when you make them with tater tots. In this awesome eCookbook, you will find some of the greatest tater tot casseroles out there. “Budget Friendly Tater Tot Casserole” (pg. 10) is a perfect example of a great tater tot casserole. Made with just five ingredients, it definitely lives up to its claim of being budget-friendly. Another great tater tot dish that’s included is the ever-popular “Cowboy Tater Tot Casserole” (pg. 9). This casserole takes the spirit of the Wild West and embodies it in ground beef, cheese, and tots. Make the “Crunchy Tater Tot Casserole” (pg. 16) to feed your inner cheese-lover; this one is sure to be hubby’s favorite, too. All of these tater tot casseroles are super easy to whip up so don’t be afraid of pulling out this eCookbook even on the busiest of nights. Click here to get your freebie today!

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