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Regardless of whether you’re feeding a family of 4+ or shop for yourself – Buy in Bulk! Many times stores have tremendous discounts on meat and poultry as lures to get the customer into the store for the last minute “sucker buy”.  If you stick to your list and only buy what you went to the store for, you’ll come out a guaranteed winner.  Buy a couple of trays of the super sale chicken breasts for $.99 a pound or fresh Atlantic Salmon for $4.99 a pound and get yourself a Foodsaver.  Here you can individually freeze portions or store enough appropriate for your family without the freezer burn.  Buy that huge pork or beef roast without fear of not using it.  My favorite cooking device is the Crock pot – you can put the whole roast in, cook it and freeze the unused portions to make a completely different meal at a later date.

Take advantage of those pizza deals you see advertised on television.  Recently I saw an ad for $9.99 large pizzas with 2 toppings.  This is perfect for singles or families!  If you’re single, don’t be afraid to take advantage of the offer.  Never be intimidated by a bargain.  Simply freeze what you don’t eat and save it for a later date.  I went to a local pizza parlor the other day and looked over their menu.  They offered an 8? individual pizza for $6.00.  I asked the gentleman behind the counter if they had any specials, and he informed me of a large 12? pizza for $5.99.  Naturally I couldn’t eat a large pizza by myself, but I also couldn’t refuse the bargain.  I purchased the 12? pizza for $5.99, ate a couple of slices in the store and took the rest home for dinner the next day, lunch the following day and froze the rest.  Fresh pizza for that price is hard to come by, but definitely a take advantage opportunity!


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